Reptile Enclosures

Our enclosures are completely customize to fit your needs and the needs of your pet. Larger models are easily disassemble to fit through standard door openings. Available in basic wood frame or metal.

Just a few options

Fiberglass waterproofing

Automatic rain system

Automatic temperature and humidity controllers

Basic waterfall with filtration or choose a custom rock waterfall

Add live plants for a more natural look

Two main types of heating are ceramic heat emitters and halogen basking lamps. Each have their own pros and cons depending on your pet needs. For larger enclosures you also have the options of mercury vapor and metal halide, both require their own ballast and if used incorrectly can over heat your enclosure and risk of fire.

Our heat fixtures are either 10.5 inch metal domes or can come with a metal cage. both rated to 250 watts.

There are no artificial lights on the market that can truly provide the sun’s full light spectrum. In order to give the living plants and our pets the necessary required light spectrum, we have several types of lights to offer based on your animal needs.

¨ 2300k led provide a amber color glow used for sunrise and sunset. These are also beneficial to plants and allows for flowering growth.

¨ 5000k led provide a bright white color also known as soft daylight. These are a more general use light, very inexpensive and will work for plants that required low light.

¨ 6500k led provide a ultra bright white color. These lights are great for bringing out the rich colors in reptiles and provide higher levels of the blue spectrum which will grow plants tall and green.

¨ UVB is essential for most reptiles. we offer a variety of sizes and power output depending on your pet needs.

Blue led moon lights vary in intensity depending on the size of enclosure and sensitivity of the pet. (for some reptiles, moon lights can disrupt the normal night time sleeping)

The better way to mount your lights

Our standard way of mounting lights is to flush mount them to our light racks that can be cutout to meet any type and size of lighting. This rack is then installed into the hood of the enclosure for a nice, clean look. 

This design requires the enclosure to be 5 - 7 3/4 inch taller then the size ordered, but still ensures they can be stacked.

For reptiles that do not need basking or UVB this option is not mandatory and can just be a flat top with no holes in case you need to use the enclosure for a different reptiles that does require basking a uvb or the hood can also be removed completely.

The Finished Result

This is shown with two 10.5 inch domes and a double T8 fixture with UVB bulb and 6500k daylight.


Just as important as heat is to have some way of cooling and providing great air flow. These fans are highly reliable and precision bearings make them extremely quite. this enclosure has two fans, one blowing in and one sucking out connected to a temperature controller.

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Click this text to start editing. This simple title and text block is great for welcome or explanatory text. When writing, try to keep things down to a few lines at a time. Break up your content into different blocks to keep your page interesting.

Temperature and Humidity Controllers

We offer both temperature and humidity controllers. These controllers ensure temps. and humidity stay constant without the worry of over heating or not providing enough moisture in the air. Temperature controllers can be used for both heating and cooling. Connect your heat source of choice and/or fans either on the side or on top depending on your pet to maintain proper temperature range. humidity controllers can be connected to a humidifier or fog machine. These are not included in our basic enclosures, but can be added at time of order for added cost.

The Next Evolution has arrived

This is the raspberry pi, these micro processors can be programed to do just about anything from walking robots to smart home automation and now pet enclosures. For the most extreme pet owners these can be connected to your home network to give you full control over your whole enclosure. We are working on the next level of enclosure able to see your pet while away with the use of a camera mounted inside the enclosure, check on the temperature and humidity on those extra hot days. Have a peace of mind knowing if there is a fire that starts, the raspberry pi will cut power to the enclosure and notified you by text or e-mail. Greatest of all, the raspberry pi will allow a full natural light affect, rather then lights just coming on and off they will slowing fade on and off set to the sun natural schedule. Base package will included the raspberry pi 3, 3.5 inch touch screen(can be upgraded to 7 inch) and dimming thermostat for heat light.(dimming thermostat will lower or raise the power to the light to maintain proper heat without having to turn the light on and off completely.)