Reptile Foster Care Program

We all love our reptiles and want to provide the very best for them, but sometimes life happens and we are stuck in situations where we either can’t keep our pets or care for them. That’s where we can help, with out foster care program we will take in your reptile and provide them with a safe and healthy home. Rather it be long term or short, at anytime your situations changes we will release your pet back to you. We have members with veterinarian training that will help with any problems along the way, along with a local builder who makes all of our enclosures. The purpose of this program is to give owners a alternative to selling, instead of saying good-bye we like to say see you later. We are hopeful that in time all the foster pets will one day be back with their owners. This service is free of charge to the owner but feeding these animals do cost. All we ask of you is to help support our cause with either a one time donations or monthly. 


Male Bearded Dragon

Age: 9 years old

Cosmo came to us October 22, 2018. Due to a recent move his owner had limited room to house him. She loved her dragon and did not want to be force to sell him and not be able to see him again. Through the reptile foster program he will live here until her situations changes and can be reunited once again.


Female Savanna Monitor

Age: 2 years old

Sobek was brought to us October 23, 2018. Due to her size and the size she will get to be she needed a temporary home until her owner has the room to provide her with the enclosure size she will need.